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FAQ – 12 for $1200

FAQ #6: Titles, Animated Bullet Points, Charts, Graphics, or Photos


Ok the big question, does the cost of the 12 for 12 include the addition of titles, animated bullet points,

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FAQ #5: What Should I Wear for My Video?


Stressed about your on camera wardrobe? So, you’re getting ready to shoot your 12 for 12 videos, but you’re not

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FAQ #4: Shot Lists and Story Boards

Story Board

Let’s talk about shot lists and story boards. Don’t worry they’re not as scary as they sound and they will

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FAQ #3: Using Scripts and Teleprompter

Teleprompter & Scripts

Here’s three more great questions about the 12 for 12 Deal: Do I need to write scripts? Can you write

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FAQ #2: Do I Have Choices with Talent?


Yes, You have choices when it comes to spokesperson talent. Choice number 1 you’ll provide your own on-camera spokesperson or

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FAQ #1: Can I Have Total Creative Freedom?

12 videos for $1200

Ok, the most asked question, “can I?”…well, you can. Not only do we give you total creative freedom in a

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