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Grow Your Business Cleveland Video Series

GYB CLE Episode 15: 3 Key Systems For Sales Success

Diane Helbig

Businesses go through a lot before getting a sale. You have to find your prospect, give them your pitch and

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GYB CLE Episode 14: 3 Ways to Push Your Comfort Levels in Networking

Raquel Eatmon

Expert networker Raquel Eatmon shares her tips on how to take your networking to the next level. By pushing your

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GYB CLE Episode 13: How to Make Your Good Product Great With These 3 Tips

Larry Baum

In this episode, Larry Baum; business manager of HBtune, sales executive, and inventor, explains How to Make Your Good Product

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GYB CLE Episode 12: Advertising, It’s All About the Message

Barbara Daniel

In this episode Barbara Daniel, public speaker, publisher, and editor of The Cleveland Women’s Journal, explains why In Advertising, It’s

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GYB CLE Episode 11: 5 Ways to Manage Presentation Anxiety

Phil Stella

It’s not easy to do presentations in front of an audience– the pressure and attention can be nerve-wracking. But in

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GYB CLE Episode 10: How to Use a Value Selling Methodology to Close More Deals

David Svigel

In this episode, David Svigel; co-founder of ROI Selling, marketing leader, and entrepreneur, tells us How To Use A Value

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GYB CLE Episode 9: Why Confident Speakers Achieve Goals Faster & Improve the Lives of Others

Tome Clark

In this episode, Tom Clark; Director of the Military Transition, Military Leadership Excellence, and Supply Chain and Logistics Practices at

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GYB CLE Episode 8: 5 Kid-Tested and Mother-Approved Tips for Starting Your Own Business

Komae - GYB CLE

In this episode, Audrey Wallace and Amy Husted; moms, friends, and co-founders of the parenting app, Komae, give their 5

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GYB CLE Episode 7: 5 Super Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Business Success

Jessie Perry

In this episode, Jessie Perry; owner of JPerry Fitness LLC, a nationally accredited fitness coach, and a Beachbody Master Trainer,

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GYB CLE Episode 6: 5 Ways to Get More Done While Working Less

Christina Hidek

In this episode, Christina Hidek; business owner, professional organizer, and de-cluttering coach, shares 5 Ways to Get More Done While

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