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360-degree video is a YES for business

360 video for Business

We’ve seen 360-degree videos on the web, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They’re super engaging, fun, and shareable. So we got our hands on the Nikon Key Mission 360-degree camera!

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CMI Preaches Videos for Content Marketing

We recently listened to Content Marketing Institute’s Webinar, “Create Binge-Worthy Video Content in 8 Simple Steps.” The speakers shared helpful

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Game-Changing Facebook Video Updates

 Facebook is making a lot of changes to their video features in recent months. It can be hard to keep

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How to Maximize Facebook Video vs. YouTube

Facebook video or YouTube

Great article from Brian Honigman! The article explains the advantages of uploading exclusively to YouTube or Facebook or–to both. “Facebook

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Instagram Now Loops Video

Although there doesn’t seem to be anything revolutionary about Instagram’s new feature, it’s inspired brands to come up of new

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Facebook Video Poised to Overtake YouTube

Mixpo’s survey suggests that marketers will focus their video advertisement on Facebook more than any other social media website for 2015. 125

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Have you tried using Facebook’s New Embeddable Video Player?

Users are now able to embed any video they’ve uploaded to Facebook. Just click on “Options” on the lower right

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Don’t be afraid to have long videos!

New Image Media, Video length

The length of an online video has always been a hot topic for debate. Most argue that short really is best if

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It’s 2015! Are you growing your business with video yet?

Times couldn’t be better. There’s a ton of new social video advertising opportunities and there’s no sign of slow down

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Why Having Video is Essential To Your Brand  

dear kitten, friskies, brand video, buzzed

This article from ClickZ perfectly explains why any-sized business needs a good brand video. It shows several examples that were so

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