NEW!!! Animated Illustrated Drawings

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Custom animated illustrations for explainer and storytelling videos – unique, engaging, and affordable

We’ve done it again! We’ve expanded our production capabilities to include another popular style that we know marketers or prospects will love to make and watch.

Styled to look like story boards or even comic books, every scene is hand drawn and turned into eye-catching stroke-by-stroke animations that turn your unique complex messages into attention holding animated stories that drive action and results.

VoicePRO, Inc. Case Study

In the above case study example, our clients from VoicePRO, Inc. came to us with a very well written story, filled with complex characters and emotion, originally written as a blog post. They wanted advice on how to turn this great story into a video. For the emotions in their story to be successfully portrayed using film or video, production would have required hiring experienced actors, finding a suitable location, expensive equipment and crew costs that would make the entire project unrealistic.

We suggested that they allow us to create animated illustrations along with narration as the simplest and most cost effective way to bring life to the characters and emotions of the story. With their permission the process began! The first step was to create each of the characters through an approval process. The next step was to place the characters into each of the scenes of the story utilizing a comic book story board style. Lastly we animated each illustration stroke-by-stroke to match the timing of the narration. At conclusion of the project, VoicePRO, Inc. was very happy with the final result and are excited about the prospects.

Project process and art conception drawings