A virtual facilty tour is an immersive experience of your whole production or work environment. Either with video or 360 photos, virtual tours offer clients, employees, and stakeholders a chance to view your facilities and gain a better understand of how you operate. While becoming a common strategy that businesses use to improve their online presence, virtual facility tours create a variety of benefits for your business including:

1. Build customer trust.

Virtual facility tours offer a behind-the-scenes look at how products are created as well as insight into the practices and procedures of your business. Offering complete visibility across the production chain, virtual facility tours improve vendor and partner relationship management.

2. Create innovative marketing content.

Virtual facility tours can be an effective marketing tool for promoting your brand, products and services. With an immersive and interactive user experience, they’re an ideal solution for businesses that aim to create an engaging experience for customers, potential employees, or stakeholders

3. Enhance employee training.

A virtual facility tour serves as a good introduction for employee training and allows new or potential hires to experience the work environment. A tour can also be used to familiarize contractors and vendors to your production facilities in a safe environment.

4. Provide a no-risk off-site tour of your facility.

A big concern for all businesses is ensuring the safety and wellbeing of on-site visitors. With a virtual facility tour businesses can provide and all-access, interactive experience that allows users to explore their facility with no risk of health and safety or contamination of production.

5. Easy to make, easy to implement, and easy on your budget

Virtual tours are easier than ever to embed on your website and social media! This creates an effective tool for reaching your customers without having to introduce extra effort. Once your virtual facility tour is created, it can easily integrate with a variety of sharing platforms.

Whether you’re looking for a video tour with outdoor arial drone footage or a 360 interactive photo tour, we’re here to help make engaging content that works for you. Let’s get started today or contact us for more information.