Greetings and Welcome to March Movies!
Did you know March is Share a Video Month? Well, maybe it’s not really…but we’re sharing 10 videos just for your viewing pleasure. Here they are in this order:
• Recent client work that can inspire (4)
• Episodes from our Grow Your Business Cleveland video series (4)
• Videos we didn’t make – but wish we did! (2)


BBB Serving Greater Cleveland
1 of 4 Student of Integrity scholarship winner mini-docs that we produced
This is a must watch video about an impressive young student.

BrightGuy, Inc
Product review video series
Excited to be chosen to produce the relaunch of their popular video series.

I.D. Rewards – Your I.D. Your Rewards
Merchant Value Proposition Video for this cool startup.
Filmed at our favorite Cleveland pizza shop Augie’s Pizza!

The Warrensville Heights Area Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Michael Roizen – 6 Processes To Slow Your Own Aging
Find out how long you will live (1,700 views this month!)

Episode 9: Why Confident Speakers Acheive Goals Faster & Improve The Lives Of Others

Episode 8: 5 Kid Tested, Mother-Approved Tips For Starting Your Own Business

Episode 7: 5 Super Simple Ways To Improve Your Health & Business Success

Episode 6: 5 Ways To Get More Done While Working Less

This is a great documentary about the rise of content marketing. It features the stories from some of the world’s leading brands including Red Bull and John Deere.

Because we just received our DJI Mavic Pro drone we thought we’d share this vlog from Casey Neistat “GREATEST DRONE EVER!! DJi Mavic Pro”

That’s it. Let us know about videos you’d like to share with us.
Thinking about your next video to grow your business -or better yet, a video series? Let’s talk!
Steve and Matt