Facebook VideoFacebook is making a lot of changes to their video features in recent months. It can be hard to keep up! Business2community enumerates all the changes that will definitely influence your digital marketing plan — you’re going to want to incorporate video in it.


More News Feed Ranking Factors

Not just likes, shares or comments affect your video’s ranking on someone’s newsfeed but how long people actually watched, if they turned on the sound while they watched it and if they watched it in full-screen.


New Video Ad Pricing

Facebook has added a new option in pricing video ads, you can now choose to be charged only if someone viewed your video for at least 10 seconds. Previously, the only option available was cost-per-impression, and advertisers couldn’t be sure if Facebook users even really watched their video ad.


Brand New Video Ad Metrics

Advertisers now have the access to more insights on their video. It’s located in the “Video” tab on the Facebook Page Insights. Facebook explains it in detail here! 


New Feature: Floating Video Player

You can now detach a video from the news feed and continue scrolling on your browser. Not all accounts have it yet, but Facebook is testing it out slowly on a few accounts.


It’s exciting times for Facebook video! With all these updates, it’s important to ask — how can you leverage these features in your marketing plan?


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