In this episode Bruce Newburger; founder of Dynamics Online, Entrepreneur, and online marketing specialist, asks, “Smartphones are calling, is your website answering?”
After the tip, we go backstage and learn about Hiring for keeps, Cleveland POPS + Bruce’s Pop, The driving factor behind his business, and more!


My name is Bruce Newburger, and my company is Dynamics Online. The title of my presentation is Smartphones are Calling, Is Your Website Answering? I’m going to tell you why your website should be mobile friendly, what that means, and how to accomplish it. Why should you care? A growing percentage of website visitors are using mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. We found that our clients are seeing between 10 and 40% of their visitors coming from mobile devices. Another reason to care is that Google started ranking higher mobile friendly sites when the search takes place on a mobile device.

Let’s talk about what makes your site mobile friendly. Think about a traditional website that’s about 1,000 pixels wide. When you view that on a smartphone that’s only 320 pixels wide, it has to shrink. In order to see the text and the images, you have to pinch in or scroll right and left to see all of the content. Newer browser technology allows the layout to change in response to the width of the browser. That’s what we call responsive design. Is your website mobile friendly? The easiest way to find out is just look at it on a smartphone. Can you read the text and see all time images without pinching in or scrolling right and left. How do you make your website mobile friendly? The fact is that the underlying page structure does need to change. In some cases, we have been able to retrofit existing websites using the data design and existing overall look, but in most cases, the website does need to be rebuilt.

Now we’ve covered why your website should be mobile friendly, what that means, and how to accomplish it. Now let’s take a look at your website and see what you need.

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