In this episode Jane Pierce; Business owner, Artist, Environmental Enthusiast shares 4 Tips to get your stuff in magazines! After the tip, we go backstage and learn about Jane’s, Seeing the Terminal Tower, Olive Bites, Hobby turned career, and more!


My name is Jane Pierce. My company is ZJayne. I’m going to share four tips to get your stuff in magazines. These are great tips if you’re an artist, a maker, have a product you’d like to get featured in a magazine.

The first one is get yourself on social media. You have to have an online presence. Magazines will find you online. I know it sounds like probably people have to contact magazines and you can do it that way, but actually I’ve been very lucky. Magazines will find you if you get yourself out there. At least a dozen magazines have found me online.

Tip number two is when a magazine contact you, send them your product. Don’t send a high pixel picture. Don’t try to make it work yourself. Send the product. Let go of your product and send it to them. That is a free photo shoot. They do a beautiful job. They’ll send it back to you. They always send it back. Even if you try to give it to them, they send it back.

Tip number three is write your own article for the magazine. You might think that they’re going to do that article, and they can, but they will never say what you’re capable of saying about your product. Write that article. Give it a shot. They’ll tweak it. They might even pay you. You don’t know that. They don’t announce that they will but it’s happened to me. The check arrived in the mail and to my surprise.

My last tip, tip number four, is be patient. It takes a year to get in a magazine. You’ll forget about it and then you’ll get an email or you’ll get a complimentary copy of the magazine, and sometimes even front page. It’s just amazing. Just put it out there and it’ll come back.

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