In this episode Ron Shaw; Financial coach, Retirement expert, and Accomplished Leader shares 1 Must Have Policy That Will Change Your Business!

After the tip, we go backstage where Ron shares, Career Obstacles, Rewards in a challenging industry, A boxing lesson, and more!


I’m Ron Shaw, Financial Coach and Retirement Expert for Reserve Investment Group. Today I’m going to talk about one must have policy that can save your business. Most business owners already know about the basic policies, like disability insurance, or even traditional life insurance, but one that they always leave out is key person insurance.

Key person insurance covers the loss of a key employee. A definition of a key person could be anyone that plays a crucial role in your business. So, that could be anyone like the head chef, or the head editor, or even the best sales person, anyone that plays a vital role in the business’ success. Key person insurance can help bring benefits to your company such as direct financial loss. Example, let’s just say your favorite sales person, or the best sales person, you lose him, your money stops right then and there. Whereas if you had the key person insurance, you’d be able to find a new sales rep, train him to the level of the sales rep that you lost, and still be able to continue business as normal.

Another example of that would be, if you can’t find a replacement, sometimes people are just that good, they’re irreplaceable. So, the key person insurance would give you the necessary funds to transition out of that business to move into something else that you might want to do, or even as a severance package. Let’s just say you have employees, you can’t just up and leave on them. This can also serve as a severance package, and you can pay your employees, so that way they can find and transition into something else.

While most business owners already know about disability insurance, and also traditional life insurance, key person insurance should definitely be a part of your overall protection package.

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