In this episode, Ron Finklestein; founder of RPF Group, consultant, and author, shares 6 Key Questions Prospects Want Answered Before They Buy. After the tip, we go backstage and learn Ron’s; unique leadership tip, who he never allows in his office, his huge college challenge… and more!


Hi this is Ron Finklestein with the Business Growth Experience and I’d like to talk about the Six Key Questions Your Prospects Want You to Answer Before They Buy from you.

Now these are very important questions and they’ve been distilled over 10 years of research.

The first question is what do you do? And that’s a bit of a trick question because when you’re at a networking event and someone says, “What do you do?” You typically answer with, “So I’m a coach, I’m an accountant, or I’m a financial planner,” and that’s not really what they’re asking. What they’re asking is, what will I experienced when I work with you? What are the outcomes that I can expect? That’s where the sales process starts in its simplest form.

The second question is why is what you do important to me? Don’t make me think about it. Tell me specifically what you do for me and the outcome that I can expect.

Question number three; why are you the right and safe choice? There’s four behavior styles and each one has a specific way they like to buy and they have specific issues that are important to them. You really want to sell to them the way they want to buy, not the way you want to sell because you’ll alienate a good part of the people who don’t buy the way you want to sell. It’s a very important people skill to acquire.

Question number four; what do you do better than anybody else in the world in your industry? It could be as simple as providing free shipping, it could be as simple as a hundred percent return on investment, but make it easy for the customer to understand why you’re different and what you’re going to provide for them.

Question number five; why is that uniqueness important to me? So something you do better than anybody else in the world in your industry because you are you because you’re unique and that’s what makes you special. What you’ve got to do is tell me why that specialness is unique to me? Is it your background, is it your experience, are you going to add value, are you going to save me time, are you going to create more money for me?

And then question number 6, the last question, is very important. Prove it. And that’s quite frankly a lot around social media. Prove it to me; put it out there in the market. A lot of people put false testimonials out there and it doesn’t help your reputation. Make sure that you put your name and your customers name out there so that it looks real and if they need to reach out and get more information they can. But social proof is essential to success.


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