In this episode, Jessie Perry; owner of JPerry Fitness LLC, a nationally accredited fitness coach, and a Beachbody Master Trainer, gives 5 Super Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Business Success. After the tip, we go backstage where Jessie reveals; her desire to make an impact, an ironic kickstart to her career, a surreal experience with her heroes… and more!


My name is Jessie Perry. I’m the owner of JPerry fitness and today I’m going to give you 5 Super Simple Ways to Improve Your Health and Business Success.

Taking care of your health will not only fuel your life with more energy but it’s going to help to skyrocket your career.

Tip number one is to find time to work out. Now this is the biggest excuse that we hear from a lot of busy professionals is that it’s just too hard to find time to actually fit in exercise in your day. But what I want you to focus on is trying to get in 30 minutes at least four to five times a week. Now if you can’t do 30 minutes at a time, you could always break that up and do maybe 15 minutes at lunch and 15 minutes after dinner. And if you did that every single day, that would make a huge difference in how you’re feeling and how you’re performing at work.

Tip number two is to pack your meals for work. Now this may sound really simple but even just packing your meals is going to save you a ton of extra calories and fat that you’re going to be able to escape by bringing a lunch instead of spending your dollars at a fast food place. An idea to pack for lunch is a meal packed with lean protein, vegetables, and even healthy fats, like nuts or avocados. This is going to help power you through the rest of the day and keep you away from that two o’clock slump.

Tip number three is to take one to two hours every week to meal prep. I know this sounds tedious, but if you do it, it’s going to save you so much time and it’s going to be able to equip you with healthy choices while you’re in a hurry flying out the door.

Tip number four is to be prepared at your desk. Have healthy snacks on hand, like whole fruit, nuts, and even homemade protein bars. This is going to keep you away from those vending machines and keep you healthy and feeling good all day long.

Tip number five is to be drinking water all day. Just attach a water bottle to yourself. Aim for half of your body weight in ounces and that’s going to curb cravings all day, keep you full, and keep you hydrated; feeling energized and great at work.

So there you have it. These were five super simple ways to improve your health and business success. The key is to have a plan and then follow it. Make these small adjustments every day and you’re gonna be living a great life.

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