You rely on leads if your business is based on selling concepts or solutions.  A great way to generate leads is on social media sites with (drumroll please…) a video. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter all boast their love for video with features that include autoplay, nearly guaranteeing you’ll be noticed. And with a video strategy done right you can expect results. Sound complicated? Expensive? It’s not, I’ll show you how in these steps.

Just Start Writing!

Strategically craft a video script for a problem solving tip or useful how-to that’s relevant to your target. Keep it really short for social media. About 15 – 30 seconds equates to 45-90 words. Start with a hooking statement or message. Leave your prospects feeling rewarded for watching but left wanting and needing more.

While you have your writer’s pen in hand, write a headline title that attracts attention, invokes curiosity and implies a reward. Write a promotional blurb or two that you’ll need for your video’s social media post.

To ensure your strategy works end with an enticing call to action (CTA) directing your leads to your business website landing page. CTAs include: to learn more…, subscribe, get your free… etc. 

Watch this example CTA made with the help of our intern Lizzie Bove, a John Carroll University Marketing & Communications student.


Produce a Quality Video

Do It Yourself  or hire a professional production company to produce your social media video(s) from your script. Experts have proven that professional looking videos perform better. Best practices for video production include: proper subject framing, great audio, and good lighting. Include backgrounds that add value, motion that keeps attention, applicable and helpful graphics, titles, and bullet points. No kidding, if your video doesn’t look professional…

Upload, Post, Distribute and Share on Social Media

Upload your new teaser video to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Post it on LinkedIn or anywhere your target audience can be found. Optimize your video posts or tweets with your previously written headline title and creative copy.

Watch this video for more tips on promoting and optimizing your video.

Give Your Leads a Place to Land, Tease and Gift Again

If you don’t have one already, create the landing page on your business website. This is where you are driving your leads to from your social media video post. Provide a form for your leads to submit their contact information in exchange for a valuable e-book, white paper, long form video, or free consulting.

Videos work great on landing pages too. Post a landing page video with an alternate CTA to encourage filling out the form. Include the video transcript on the page to improve SEO.

Upload, Post, Distribute and Share – Again and Again

Don’t forget, you can promote, repost or repurpose your video on your social media channels many times and in many creative ways, possibly for years.

Sounds simple – it is. Just start by writing your strategy script. Save time and money by writing 12 for a monthly series. You can do it!

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