Get 12 content marketing videos for $1200.

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Unbelievable pricing for high-quality studio-produced content marketing videos that will allow you to not just compete but WIN in the battle for killer content.

Here’s the deal on our 12 for 12 offer:

We’ll deliver 12 high-quality, professionally produced content marketing videos ready to win in any content marketing campaign. The average duration of each video may be up to 60 seconds.

As with all of our productions, each project consists of time spent on preproduction, production and post production. We’ll work with you to determine where to best spend the time based on your creative needs.


We encourage you to be as creative in your approach and style as possible. A key to your success will be keeping your viewers entertained and engaged. Think out of the box and be competitive.

For our 12 for 12 package price, you’ll provide your own on-camera spokesperson or a voice narrator. At no additional charge, we’ll provide coaching and the use of a teleprompter.

Sending us your scripts, shot list & storyboards prior to film date will ensure the success of your studio session. We’re happy to review your material and provide feedback. If you request the use of teleprompter, we require the scripts 48 hours in advance of your session.

Our package pricing is based on recording at our studio location. For an additional fee, we’re happy to film at as many locations as you’d like.

There are no restrictions for wardrobe. However if you plan on using a green screen, wearing green just won’t work. Solid colors are safer than patterns. Consider coordinating colors with your backdrops or other elements in your video. Unless you’ve made other arrangements with us, please arrive makeup ready.

We encourage using text, graphics and photos to visually enhance or drive a point in your message. At no additional charge, we are happy to create a moderate amount of titles or bullet points or insert graphics, photos or other media elements you’ve provided.

Basic animation of text or images is normally within the scope of our 12 for 12 package. More complex animation or motion graphics may require additional fees.

Typically, we require a deposit and balance due upon completion. We’re happy to accept cash, check or credit cards.

You may need more than 12 videos to effectively compete. The good news is, the price per video only gets lower with higher quantity orders. Don’t need 12? We can work with that too.

Video FAQs: