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5 Reasons to add lightboard videos to your content library!

  1. Unique and simple to make
  2. Captivating and engaging
  3. Easily explain your products or services
  4. You can annotate images, charts, or graphics
  5. A quick turnaround and minimal post production

3 tips to consider when creating your lightboard video.

  1. Keep it short. You’ll want to focus your lightboard video on a single topic that fits on a single board. If your video requires a lot of erasing or a complete second board, your video may be too long.
  2. Organize your content. Create an outline or prepare a full script for your presentation and rehearse it ahead of time. The more prepared you are for the video shoot, the easier the lightboard process will be.
  3. Practice on a whiteboard or chalkboard. When using the lightboard, spacing can become an issue. It’s a good idea to practice the layout and writing of any drawings or text you’ll want to use for the video ahead of time.

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