Mercy Health Video
Nature Stone Flooring Commercial January 2020
Paladina Health APS Video
Schill Landscaping Animation series 6 for $1200
Catechesis video for Christ Episcopal Church, Shaker Heights, Ohio
Video Series for Cuyahoga Community College
Event Testimonial Video for Skyline TriSource
Book Launch Promotional Video for Strategic Horizons
Product Launch Animated Video for Infuze Credit Union
Content Marketing Video Series Production for Oswald Companies - Anti-Cancer Foods
Content Marketing Video Series Production for
Custom Video Production for ID Rewards - Customer Video
On-Location Spokesperson Production for OMNI Systems
Custom Video Production for Cleveland Better Business Bureau Students of Integrity
Facility Video Tour by NIM Cleveland Video Production: Montefiore Willensky Residence
Custom Video Production - Colleen C. Hickle, DDS
GYB CLE The Intern Experience Season One, Spring Semester mini-documentary
Custom Video Production - Healthy Life Screening
Custom Video Production - Medicare Supplement Station
Custom Video Production - Village of Highland Hills: Curbside Recycling
Product How To Video Production - Lidsytles
Custom Video Production - COSE
Custom Video Production - Town Planner
Custom Video Production - ECRM
Kickstarter Spokesperson video production - V-diag
Aerial drone video production - Homrich Construction
Motion Graphic Production - Baskin Robbins
Amplify Speaker Series -Event Videography
Hiram College Testimonials
Facility Video Tour - Montefiore Maltz Hospice House
Easy Macro Kickstarter Video Production
Woman of Power 2014 #BeStrong
Carnegie Investment
HD Web Spokesperson Plus
IMS Testimonials
LJStar Lumistar 3000
VoicePro Executive Presence Suite
SleepPath Spot
Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging
Senator George Voinovich for Jack Schron
Heart Sine
Woman Of Power Conference
Black Orchid Dresses
Hebron 3 TV Spots band
Hebron PSA TV Spot
Impact Armor
Paytime Testimonials
LitR LevR
Steel Valley
Fit for Life
Dakota Testimonial
Ohio Farmers Promotional
Sleep Optima
American Mine Door, Inc.
Susan G. Komen
Weston Solon
HeartSine Spanish
Black Orchid Sweaters
Black Orchid Accessories
Bock & Clark
Corky & Lenny's
Orchard Designs
The Morgan Leadership Program
Shipping Your Order
Receiving Your Shipment
Free Laminate Samples
Alliance Staffing Solutions
LJ Star
Impact Armor
Cleveland Construction
Executive MBA
LEWM Lawyers
Alliance Client Testimonial 3
Alliance Client Testimonial 2
Alliance Client Testimonial
LJ Star
Screen Door Store
Rely POS 2
I Corps Technology
Rehab Offer Calculator
Rely POS
Furniture Concepts
Susan G. Koman & Cleveland Browns
Susan G. Koman 2
Susan G. Koman
Metro Toyota
Razi Iman
Rock a Buy Gear
Cohn Welcome Video
Cohn Weekly Web Series
Cohn Video Blog Series
212 Area Code
Sure To Grow
Managed Forex Systems
Branded Business Apps
Branded Business Apps
Riders 1812 Inn
Burgers 2 Beer
Blazin Bills
Post-Up Stand
Artower McGregor
Best Laminate eCommerce 2
Best Laminate eCommerce
Fit For Life
WHACC Business Expo
Power Algebra
Sleep Optima Commercial
MedMinder (Japanese)
The Big Read
Key-Phrase Marketing 3
Key-Phrase Marketing 2
Key-Phrase Marketing 1
Compelling SEO 101
Best Laminate
Witness This!
Tech on Call