Think you have enough video? Try a banner video.

How about replacing your static homepage banner with a video banner! Banner videos have more impact than a still image and are more engaging. Quickly grab the attention of your visitors and immerse them in your brand or capabilities. Did you know that banner videos can also boost your SEO? 

We recently worked with Visia Marketing and their client Lawn Matters to capture footage for a video banner on their new website. Looking forward to seeing the new website when it launches! 

5 Tips For Your Next Banner Video

Below are some things to consider when making a banner video for your website.

  • Video length: When making a banner video you’ll typically want to keep it short. This will help when visitors are loading your website. A way to make your video seem longer is by using shorter clips that loop.

  • Relevancy: It’s important that your banner video is relevant to your industry and niche. Since it will most likely be the first thing your visitors see, make sure the video complements what your homepage is trying to achieve.

  • Thumbnail Image: Consider uploading a thumbnail image for your banner video. Having a thumbnail ensures your website isn’t blank when the  internet is slow or the browser isn’t supported.

  • Other web content: Since your banner video is going to draw attention, make sure the video doesn’t hurt the readability of your website. Other content like the menu and website title may need to be visible on top of your banner. Don’t let your video compete with your content.

  • Music: Or the absence of music to be exact. Having music in your banner video can hurt your search ranking and overall comes across annoying to visitors.

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