In this episode, David Svigel; co-founder of ROI Selling, marketing leader, and entrepreneur, tells us How To Use A Value Selling Methodology to Close More Deals. Learn how David Svigel; balances life roles, keeps up with technology, his favorite NEO attraction… and more!


I’m David Svigel from ROI selling and I’m here today to talk to you about

“How to Use a Value Selling Methodology to Close More Deals.”

I’m here today to talk to b2b sales reps and help them understand how buyers behavior has changed, and give them some strategies and tools that they can use to motivate buyers to make a buying decision.

Well you know a lot of things have changed you know given the state of the global economy and buyers are now facing pressure because budgets are tighter, there’s more people involved in decisions, and the decisions are also getting pushed upward toward senior management. And then you know with the advent of widespread internet usage buyers are more educated about their options you know they often go to your website or they’re downloading content or research reports. I’d caution though that a more informed buyer is not necessarily a more effective buyer. And the reason is all these different factors come together and it actually hurts the buyer’s ability to make a decision and the result is you have a longer cell cycle.

I think the best way to motivate buyers is to give them a reason to buy and by that, I mean showing them how your solution is either going to save them money or grow their revenues. So buyers today you know don’t necessarily care about marketing speak and use in terms of quality or long-lasting. I find they often tune sales reps out once they start talking about the latest feature. What they really want to know is can your solution help them do more with less. And your job as a sales rep is to show them how much your solution can help them. Quantifying the value of your solution helps your buyer navigate committees and obtain budget approval.

You really need to prepare a cost justification. So using a ROI tool you can calculate the expected value delivered by your solution, and the investment required. The output from those tools is typically an ROI report that shows common financial measures such as net present value, payback period, and internal rate of return.

The most important thing to remember is quantifying your solutions value for buyers helps you close more deals and shortens your cell cycle.

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