In this episode, Tom Clark; Director of the Military Transition, Military Leadership Excellence, and Supply Chain and Logistics Practices at Direct Recruiters, shares Why Confident Speakers Achieve Their Goals Faster and Improve the Lives of Others. After the tip, we go backstage where Tom shares; must have traits for top candidates, how he inspired troops on 9/11, good news… and more!


My name is Tom Clark. I am with Direct Recruiters and today we are going to talk about:

“Why Confident Speakers Achieve Goals Faster and Improve the Lives of Others.”

For one effective public speaking will increase your self-confidence. It will increase the self-confidence of your audience if they’re in a position where they need to follow you or where you’re trying to inspire them to do something.

I can think of examples in my life as an army officer, as a leader in corporate America where effective public speaking certainly increased the confidence of the team that I was leading. And walking off a stage and having added value for your audience is a way to add confidence for yourself and getting an applause is a way to say “I do know what I’m talking about I am an expert in my space.” Effective public speaking in a work setting certainly improves your value as an individual contributor, as a potential leader, and the value you bring to your organization.

Public speaking is it is a great way to differentiate yourself. so if you are equally talented, equally experienced, equal academic background and years of experience in your field but you’re the one that goes out and speaks publicly and gets recognition for yourself and inspires and engages others and really that becomes a brand. You’re branding yourself as a speaker as a subject matter expert in your field. You’re branding your company and an increasing their exposure and image in the space that you are operating in.

Effective public speaking is a way to increase your likelihood of being promoted within the workforce. And increase the amount of value that you add for your employer because you’re engaging and inspiring others to take action or engaging and inspiring potential customers to purchase your goods or services or the goods and services of your employer.

The best way to improve your public speaking skills through practice. You’ve got to execute what you’ve learned and the most important thing is doing an after action review. Getting feedback from someone in your audience and taking it and documenting it and identifying what went well, what didn’t go well, and what would I do to change the next time I speak. And setting out to make that improvement will make all the difference in the world.

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