Getting Started with Video Marketing Strategies

Web video has been growing and becoming more and more relevant for businesses every year. If you are not familiar with the web video industry, but would like to create your own web video for your business, here are some basic strategies to help you start a successful campaign.

  • Relevancy meets Personality – It is extremely important that every video you make has high quality and useful information. This will make your business an expert in the eyes of potential customers. Also, be sure to let the personality and brand of your business show in your videos. The goal is to connect with people on a personal level through your business’s videos and convert those visitors into customers.
  • Keep it short and to the point – These days, people lose interest faster than ever. Keep your videos under a 5-minute maximum, but shorter than that if possible. Highlight the most important aspects relative to your video’s subject. Give the visitors the useful information or solution they are looking for, and let them come to you for answers to any more questions they may have.
  • Production Quality is Important– Great content, as stated earlier, is very important; but so is the presentation of that information. Top-notch production quality is a way to positively represent your business as well as give a great impression to viewers. If you’re videos look great AND have great content, viewers are much more likely to covert to customers.
  • Produce multiple videos – Don’t try and cram all your information into one or two videos. Not only is that bad for SEO, it makes the video’s play time too long, as well as leading your viewers in too many different directions. Create videos around your main keywords and product themes, and optimize those videos accordingly. A library of short videos is better than one or two large videos filled with too much information.
  • Post your videos to sharing sites – Get your videos out on the internet and post them to sharing sites, like YouTube. Optimize those pages and be sure to allow embedding for those videos. Embedding allows people to add your video to their website or blog. It’s a great way to gain viewers and traffic back to both your video page and your website.
  • Make videos relating to trends in your industry – Research your industry and find growing trends on information people are looking for. Make videos around these trends to answer the questions people are asking. Your video may become viral in your industry, and viewers may come back to you and your business for their other questions and problems. It’s a great way to build brand recognition for your business.
  • Optimize your videos – Video SEO can get in depth and confusing, and may take some research. For starters, build videos around your keywords and key products/services. Add the keywords in the title, meta description, URL, and tags of your video when you post them online. You can read more in-depth information from our handout on Video SEO.

If you opt to take the DIY approach to web video, make sure and follow these pointers when you begin. There are many more tips and tricks when it comes to web video, but this should get you a good start. Just remember; make it relevant, useful, and professional!