Let’s talk about shot lists and story boards. Don’t worry they’re not as scary as they sound and they will help keep your 12 for 12 video project running on time and on budget. So you may want to consider preparing one or both before your shoot date. But, what is a shot list and story board, you ask? Let me explain.

1. A shot list is simply a written check list of each shot or location you will want filmed based off of each script. Easy enough!

2. A story board is a set of sketches or drawings of the images, animations, or movement to be included in each of your videos. Again, based off of your scripts. You don’t have to be an artist, stick figures will do.

So in summary, providing us with a shot list or a story board or both is like a road map for filming and post production editing to ensure we create your videos exactly how you visualized them. Let’s talk!