Stressed about your on camera wardrobe?

So, you’re getting ready to shoot your 12 for 12 videos, but you’re not sure what to wear. The good news, there are no restrictions for wardrobe. So if you want to wear a ball gown or a space suit or something different in each video, you can! But seriously, we do recommend that you wear what best portrays you in your role or profession.

Here are some best practices when it comes to your video wardrobe:
1. Solid colors are always safer than patterns. Patterns don’t film well and can become distracting.
2. Wear more color than black and white. Color makes you stand out and brings life to you video.
3. Consider the backdrops or other elements you want in your video. If you plan on using a green screen, wearing green just won’t work.

One last thing we definitely recommend, wear what makes you look good and feel comfortable. Let’s talk!